This website (“www.youniquelab.gr”) is an online store which belongs to the sole proprietorship under the name “Nassiou Nikolaos”, with TIN. 120473910, POU PALLINIS, registered office at Pentelis Street with number 41 in Gerakas, Attica with PC 15344 (hereinafter referred to as “company”) and landline 2121056028 and mobile 6947893119.
Those who interact in any way with this online store should know and agree and fully accept the following:


1.1 This constitutes the Agreement concluded by you with the company. The browsing, access or use of youniquelab.gr, as well as the use of any products or services available through it implies your agreement to the terms and conditions set out below (which in their entirety are called the “Agreement»).

1.2 These terms and conditions were updated on 01-08-2018. The company reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, if it deems it necessary, informing this agreement. Those who interact with it must always check for possible modifications of the terms of use and if they continue to browse / use the services or services available, accept the modified terms and grant their consent, consent, agreement and approval. Otherwise, they must refrain from any transaction with the company.


The following definitions apply to this Agreement:
Content includes all texts and images used on this website.
A user is considered any natural or legal person who visits the website youniquelab.gr and interacts with it in any way.


3.1 The use of this online store should be made exclusively by persons who have full legal capacity.

3.2 Each user takes full responsibility for the completeness and validity of the data / information he enters and sends in each of his transactions with this website, as well as must have all the necessary legal conditions and the necessary ability to understand this document.

3.3 The company does not bear any responsibility for charges that may arise from third parties, except those which it explicitly and unequivocally states. In particular, the company does not bear any responsibility for the way of access (use of network or medium) by which the respective user will choose to visit this website.

3.4 The users of the youniquelab.gr website who make purchases using credit and debit cards should be their legal holders and have the right to use and charge them. In no case is the company liable to the legal cardholder for any charge made on it through this website.


4.1 Browsing the youniquelab.gr website is completely free and open. You do not need to create a user account to perform any action. However, it is necessary for the users to register in order to have access to all the functionality of the website but also to personalized promotions and other actions. All visitors of the youniquelab.gr website can subscribe to the newsletter service without any other financial or other obligation. The informative newsletters include promotional and informative actions and are the intellectual property of the company and therefore are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek Legislation and International Conventions.

4.2 Those users who choose to create an account for the most complete provision of the services of youniquelab.gr additionally agree and accept the following: a) provide true, accurate, valid and complete information about the information requested in the relevant requests for access to the contents / and (b) maintain and diligently update their registration information in order to maintain true, accurate, valid, up-to-date and complete information.

4.3 Users who maintain an account remain solely responsible for all operations carried out under their personal password, username and generally their account (user account) and agree to immediately notify the company of any unauthorized use of their account and any occurrence and / or possible breach of security. They are also solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each year (Sign Out). This website is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the inability of users for any reason to respect and follow this clause.

4.4 The company reserves the right to close accounts if it deems that they have been created for the purpose of malicious action or if the information provided is not true or is a product of interception and abuse.


5.1 During your visit and browsing the website youniquelab.gr you may be asked to state information about you (name, profession, email address, date of birth, etc.), in order to activate relevant services (newsletters, contests, blogs, etc. .) on your behalf but also to ensure the possibility of contacting you, to which you have explicitly accepted, so that we can inform you about our new services and products or for any other reason that may be considered important.

5.2 The company fully respects the personal data of all visitors and users of this website and is committed to ensure them in any sense in order to comply with the provisions of Law 2472/1997 on “Protection of the individual from the processing of personal data and the Law 3471/2006 on “Protection of personal data and privacy in electronic communications” and the new protocol of personal data protection GDPR 2018.

In any case, the company confirms that the collection, processing and / or storage of your personal data is done in accordance with the Law and only after your explicit special consent given, and exclusively for the purposes and to the extent required for the operation of this online store and the provision of the individual services you have requested.

5.3 The Company acknowledges that it will not use your personal information for any use not specifically authorized by you, nor will it send or disclose such information to third parties (natural or legal persons) without your express and specific consent, except in cases where notification is necessary for the execution of your order (eg cooperating shipping companies) or is mandatory by law.

5.4 Also, during your navigation and / or use of the youniquelab.gr website, the company may collect information from your computer operating system, your browser and the address of the Internet provider (IP) for its measurement. traffic, the formation of order history and purchasing interest with the sole purpose of improving the services provided to you.


6.1 Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and hold the settings and choices you have made on our website. They are used to hold your settings (country of choice, items you have seen, etc.) as well as for our better understanding of how to use our website. We note that cookies do not cause damage to the computer of Users, Consumers or Visitors, nor to the files stored on them

6.2 The online store youniquelab.gr, like most websites, has the ability to use cookies to provide the user or visitor, information and better services (order status, personal settings, etc.) as well as for the most effective and more immediate processing of orders.

6.3 For your safe navigation in this online store as well as for the security of your transactions with it, our company is fully harmonized with the European Directive 2009/136 / EC on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the field of electronic communications and which was incorporated into Greek Law by Law 4070/2012 (A’82 / 10.4.2012) “Regulations of Electronic Communications, Transport, Public Works and other provisions”. It clarifies that a necessary condition for the use of cookies is the prior consent of the User or the visitor. Exceptions to this rule are cookies that serve the functional needs of the website and are necessary for its appearance and its effective operation on the computer of the User or the Visitor (functional cookies). By accepting these terms of use it is presumed that you agree to the use of cookies as above.


7.1 All products for sale on the website youniquelab.gr are handmade without exception, except for the materials provided as raw materials for construction and metal objects. They are completely made or processed in our private laboratory. We do not trade in any industrialized products. The company guarantees the correct operation of the products and undertakes to replace them or, only in case the replacement is impossible, to return the amount corresponding to its purchase value, if this proves to be defective or does not meet its description.

7.2 The prices listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product include VAT. (24%). These prices refer to the respective product.


8.1 The submission of a product order constitutes a binding offer to purchase the product in question at the total price indicated when submitting the order, which includes VAT, packaging and shipping costs, other applicable charges and any discounts to which you are entitled as a Consumer .

8.2 To order a product you do not need to be a registered user on the website. If you are, first enter the login details on your Account login page or, if you want to sign up, create a new Account. Then, select the products you want and add them to your Shopping Cart. The total cost of your order will be displayed on the screen and you will be asked how to pay and ship to complete your purchase.

8.3 Before completing the order of the product, you must be informed about the materials from which the products you wish to buy are made as the company does not bear any responsibility in case of allergic reactions, dermatological diseases and in general reactions that may occur from the products. .

8.4 Your order is completed upon acceptance by the company by sending a written confirmation email (confirmation email) to you at the email address (email) you indicated when submitting this order. due to uniqueness or possible limited availability of the products we reserve the right to contact you within 96 hours if there is no corresponding availability.

8.5 The sole responsible for the delivery of the product / order is the company that will receive it to complete his / her mission. Depending on the transport, the receipt of each order may take a reasonable period of time, which usually does not exceed 4 working days even in the most remote area. In any case, the online store youniquelab.gr can not be responsible for any such delay. We assure you, however, that we will do everything humanly possible to ensure your fastest service.

8.6 Depending on the delivery procedures it applies, the respective transport company may request a demonstration of a police ID and / or a signature on the relevant receipt form.


9.1 Order Cancellations
The company is committed to doing its best to exceed all your expectations regarding your order and the quality of the products you will order. However, if for any reason you wish to cancel your order you can do so at any time with two conditions:
– Send an email to info@youniquelab.gr as soon as possible with your order number and as much information as you can for the easiest locate her or ideally call 2121056028 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. .
– The declaration of desire to cancel to be made before the production and / or shipment of the order (which is usually sent within 72 hours).

9.2 Order Returns
All returns are accepted directly by us at no extra charge to you.
Return conditions:
– To be made within 14 days of receipt (postmark / shipping stamp).
– The products of the order that arrived in your hands have been kept in the same perfect condition that you received them.
– Remember that only the amount related to the cost of the products of your order is returned and not possible shipping / cash on delivery costs, etc. which in their entirety are borne by the buyer. ATTENTION: The company always tries to provide you with the most ideal services for the ideal experience of acquisition and use of our products and for this reason it is our firm political position to offer FREE SHIPPING in the lowest possible amount of the minimum order allowed by the conditions. In case your order has been shipped free of charge shipping, this cost (4 euros) will be deducted from the refund amount of the cost of the products. BC If your order is 28 euros with free shipping and the customer for any reason chooses not to receive or return them, the refund amount will be reduced by 4 euros, ie 24 euros will be refunded. 
– Returns are not possible on personalized and / or custom products.
– Returns are not possible on stock products included in the “OFFERS” category.
– Returned creation must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
Contact us by phone or email to arrange the procedural part. By returning and checking the creation, the amount you were charged to your card or account will be refunded.

9.3 All orders will remain with the transport company for as long as they specify that they can keep them waiting for receipt. Returns made through the sole fault of the buyer, such as his non-appearance, will not be entitled to a refund and the company will not be obliged to keep them in its warehouse for the specific product or products and will be able to dispose of them directly to whoever wishes.


10.1 No guarantee is provided for the continuous and uninterrupted access to the Website “www.youniquelab.gr” and its services, given the possibility of obstruction, even partially, due to an accident and / or force majeure.


11.1 All the contents of the website www.youniquelab.gr (images, texts, etc.) are the intellectual and industrial property of the Company which bears the exclusive responsibility and management rights.

11.2 No part of this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of www.youniquelab.gr. for this. In case of copying of a design, image or product, the company reserves all legal rights.

11.3 All intellectual and industrial property rights, as well as all trademark rights on the brand name and distinctive title “Younique Lab” belong to the Company.

11.4 Any object or product that is posted or submitted to the Website “www.youniquelab.gr” is considered non-confidential and shared, in accordance with the obligations of the Company, based on data protection legislation.


12.1 The Blog is a form of website. It consists of a list of entries and its topics can vary (political, social, health, music, sports, technology, arts, etc.).

12.2 The content and information posted and contained in the Blog constitute an offer to the Visitor / User and in general to the community of Internet users and can in no way be construed as valid information and / or advice nor conceal in any way any kind of prompts from the company.

12.3 youniquelab.gr undertakes the collection, processing and distribution of the content of the “Blog”. Any post on the “Blog” is made after the relevant approval of the administrators of that “Blog” to ensure the correct presentation and quality of the content of the posts.

12.4 youniquelab.gr actively participates in Social Media, having created its own page on them (eg Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest). The Visitor / User in order to have access to the pages maintained by youniquelab.gr in the above Social Media, must already have or create his own Account in them, giving his consent to the respective Terms of Use. Participation in these Social Media does not give rise to any claim against youniquelab.gr and the Company bears no responsibility regarding the existence and content of these pages.


13.1 The company through the online store youniquelab.gr, reserves the right to modify or renew in writing these terms of use and terms of transactions without notice, which will be valid from the date of posting on the website. Failure to exercise any right of the company can not be interpreted as a waiver of it.

13.2 Your navigation, use and transaction with youniquelab.gr is governed by Greek law, the law of the European Union as well as the relevant international treaties. Any dispute that arises during your navigation, use and transaction with it is brought to trial in the competent courts of Athens in Greece.

13.3 Any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to law, automatically ceases to be valid and is removed from here, without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.


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